FutureSelves provides software and skills to help people in career development, counselling, case management, educationalists and HR professionals in their work with clients. The FutureSelves programme is a quick, effective way to engage clients and build a positive future. It is designed for busy practitioners who must cover a lot of ground quickly.

At the core of our work is the concept of possible selves. These are the images, thoughts, feelings and senses a person has about themselves in the future. They link directly to a person's thinking - and decision making, behaviour, motivation and performance.  Click here for a mindmap on the psychology behind FutureSelves.

FutureSelves is a practical application. We offer a selection of lesson plans, workbooks,  interview schedules and computerised questionnaires that can be adapted for different contexts, and practitioner styles.  The computerised questionnaire provides feedback in the form of text and graphs which provide material for discussion with clients.  Training, manuals, program design and development, support, and evaluations are also provided.

FutureSelves works in settings such as career development, case management, organisational development, and education. FutureSelves is a New Zealand company with clients around the world. Look around our site to see how it might work for you.





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